The most important thing: Company names are irrelevant as these criminals change these all the time. The important thing is the script described below! If the company calling you is missing it does not mean that they are legal.

NOTE: If you like to share your experiences with these scammers there is a facebook group hosted by a victim:

I am not a member of that group nor will I join so you can speak freely also about my motives.

Tip of the decade: When you suspect that the investment company calling you is not honest ask them their BUSINESS ID and PLACE OF REGISTRATION. Check it and if it can be verified it's all on your judgement to make the call. If you don't get an answer be happy for still owning your money.

Funny thing: These criminals made a cyber attack targeting my pages. As a result with few million page visits I have doubled the number of visitors due to sudden popularity peak which puts this page higher in Google scoring, I just love the irony...

Fresh warnings


The meaning of this page is to warn private investors of boiler room scammers. I am doing this purely pro bono (although I do hope some support) and out of anger as I have been scammed as well. So don't be in shame if you are a victim as well, this is very well orchestrated hoax by international criminals.

I was told that now these criminals claim that I am a bitter old customer who is trying to blackmail them. Well, I told them (yes, I constantly inform them just to annoy) that I will continue as long as I get my money as they have promised. After that there is no legal claim from my part of any scam. So I do not consider this as blackmailing. You decide.

The main thing is to stop these scammers and the only way is to stop their revenue streams.


Secondly: To stop this scum surviving we need as much attention as possible:


How these criminals operate?

This is VERY IMPORTANT to know. These "investment companies" operate in quite standard format:

1. You receive a call from (usually British or unknown) number where a young lady tells that a certain financial brokerage is enlarging its operations overseas including private customers as well and she asks about your investment preferences and your wealth.

2. After the initial inquiry call a "senior broker" calls you and presents a tempting but not out of this world investment opportunity involving very well known global company (which has NOTHING to do with these scammers). The profits are typically in believable region of 10-20%. This "broker" typically works for a Japanese or Chinese brokerage and their fee is quite low (e.g. 1%)

- Quite often these criminals use visual enforcement by asking you to write down the figures and circle the "profit".

3. When you start to do your homework by googling. You will see quite nice web sites of the company and you will also get results from "news sites" like,,,,,,,, or which are (as far as I know) legal but selling "news space" for all who just pay their fees. Those news contain stories about how that specific company has supported local community or something else as heartwarming...but complete fake. NOTE: There are usually no employees nor management introduced in their own websites. However it is typical in this kind of financial services business to gain credibility by bragging how good people they have and showing names and faces. Few newcomers have now learned and placed phony employees as their team. Check ALWAYS linkedin or similar to find these persons (you actually won't find them, I tried :) ).

4. When you decide to invest in with rather moderate sum you will receive a call from the "allocations department" who will guide you how you can make your investment and you will receive a very convincing set of documents.

5. After you have made your payment you will receive a call few days later from your "broker" that there has been a stroke of luck and your investment has been more successful than imagined. At the same call your "broker" suggests that you will reinvest your position and some more into a company that is about to go public. Obviously you google that company and see that it seems perfectly existing and legal (which it actually is not).

6. This is the stage where the story lines differ. It can be that the investment you made needs "totally refundable security bond" or "there is a huge opportunity which requires you to invest in more to get into corporate block agreement." They will use all kind of reasons why you need to invest more including the story that one of the other investors has died and there is still some quota missing and your contribution is absolutely needed.

7. If you decline to invest more you first get some serious threats from your "broker" and if you still decline you won't hear anything from your them anymore. If you invest more go back to 6.

8. You will get mail from the "company" you are supposed to own shares claiming that their board has decided to pay dividents. At the same time the "company's" Director of Something-very-important will mention that you might want to invest more as the "company" seems to boost...and go back to number 5 or 6.

Anywhere during the script: If you make any remarks mentioning this site or any similar accusing them being scammers the response starts: "Do you actually believe in some angry blogger who has lost money in the market...". Well....I am angry (check) but according to my "best friends" my original investment has grown quite a lot so I have not lost money in the "market" (no check). I just can't get any contact with them anymore...

Known scammers

Please note that these scammers make up new names all the time so if
your contact is missing, it doesn't mean they are honest. The main thing
is that their script (opus moderandi) is usually as described above.
The other thing to note is that the names of these scum companies are very
similar to perfectly legal and respected companies.

Known companies they use. NOTE: Some of these are legal collateral victims of this scam. I try to update but with these I have to be careful.

  • Ansai Technologies
  • ATW mining
  • Boca Mining Corporation (REAL)
  • Boca Mining Holdings
  • Braincure Biotech (FAKE)
  • BYD (REAL)
  • Cayman Exploration
  • Dorado Resources
  • Frankling Mining Inc
  • Genocore Biotech (FAKE)
  • Houyi Power Gen
  • Menza Mining Corp (FAKE)
  • Nano Medi Tech (FAKE)
  • PayPal (REAL)

Known bank accounts what these criminals use (choose your own bank wisely, nudge nudge)

  • Bauway Technology Limited
  • Pacific Allied Trading LTD
  • Noor Bank Dubai (Hoshizaki Equities)
  • Ming Fu (HK) Industrial Ltd
  • Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong (Mitsui Credit Global)
  • Able Century Limited
  • Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong (Nippon Holdings)
  • Mimirso International Co Limited, HSBC Hong Kong (Osaka Financial)
  • Ekl International Co Limited, Hang Seng Bank (Mitsui Credit Global)
  • Glory Jet Limited, HSBC Hong Kong (Nippon Holdings)
  • Team Light Limited, HSBC Hong Kong (Nippon Capital Asset Management)
  • Kings Sun Solution Direct Limited
  • Brilliant Arctic Limited, HSBC Hong Kong
  • Cosmic Wonder Company Limited, ICBC Macau
  • Acetrade Asia Trading Company
  • Boltin Limited, HSBC Redington Limited
  • HSBCWealth Top Creation Limited
  • Asicon Trading Limited
  • China Citic Bank International
  • A and P Holdings Limited, Bank Sinopac Taiwan
  • Hamberg Limited United Equity Clearing Limited, Bank of China Hong Kong
  • High Net Global, Cathay United Bank, Taiwan
  • High Net Global, Sanghai Commerical an Savings Bank, Taiwan
  • JLM International, Bank of Taiwan
  • Deepblue Global Ltd, Mega international commercial Bank Taiwan
  • Deepblue Global Ltd, E. Sun commercial Bank ltd, Taiwan
  • New orchard group, Hellenic bank Cyprus
  • Greenfields International Ltd, Eurobank EFG Cyprus
  • Millennium union ltd, Bank of communications co, Shanghai
  • Alpha Business Solution Ltd, Sanghai Commerical & Savings Bank, Taiwan
  • Starmax Asia Industries Limited, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • Hoshizaki Equities
  • Larse Capital
  • Voth Nixon Group
  • Hasegawa Financial Holdings
  • Ephraim Global Nippon Capital Asset Management (
  • Osaka Financial
  • Fox Capital Partners (